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FIM-EP2C5: Please note, we are no longer selling any of our products in small quantities through our website to new customers. We will continue to support existing customers and honor any warranties. For purchasing any of our products in quantities of 10 units or more, please contact us.

Our FPGA Integrated Modules provide everything you need in a DIP package to quickly utilize the most advanced FPGAs on the market.

Key Features:
  • Packaging - Most small labs don't have the ability to handle working with
    today's fine-pitch and BGA packaging. Our modules convert the packaging of the FPGA device to a DIP package that is compatible with most breadboard and wire-wrap applications..
  • Integrated Voltage Regulators - Most FPGAs require multiple voltages to operate. Our modules incorporate onboard voltage regulators to provide all necessary voltages from a single 5V source.
  • Multivolt IO - Today's FPGA I/Os operate at 3.3V, 2.5V, or lower. However, many other ICs still operate with 5V I/Os only. Our modules include onboard voltage translators that allow them to be integrated with most systems that operate at 5V, 3.3V, or 2.5V.
  • Clock Generation - Each module integrates an onboard 20MHz clock that can be used with an FPGA PLL to provide a complete clocking solution.
  • ISP Header and Configuration Device - Programming of the device is done through an In-System Programmable (ISP) header. This eliminates the need to remove the component from the system in order to reprogram it. Plus, an onboard configuration device is provided to retain the FPGA code.
  • Test Points - The DIP package pins are extended on the top side of the device to provide quick and easily accessible test points for many probing solutions.
  • Resource Integration - Each FPGA device comes integrated with RAM, embedded multipliers for Digital Signal Processing (DSP), PLLs, and on-chip terminations. Integrating all of this capability in a small package greatly reduces the time to hand build custom prototypes.



In addition, by utilizing today's most advanced FPGA technology the benefits include: lowest cost per logic element, highest logic densities, fastest operating speeds, improved signaling, reduced chip count, along with many others.

Altera logic devices can be programmed with Altera's FREE Quartus II software. We provide Quartus II project files that come with everything setup to allow you to quickly add your own logic. Quartus II projects are provided for both VHDL and schematic entry, so you can program in whatever environment you feel comfortable with.

An Altera USBBlaster, Byteblaster II, or an Altera compatible third party programming cable is required to download code to our devices. We sell our Byteblaster II compatible programmer, the X-Blaster, for $20 when purchased with one of our modules.

FPGA Device Altera Cyclone-II EP2C5T144C8    
Logic Elements 4,608    
Total RAM Bits 119,808    
Embedded 18x18 Multipliers 13    
Phase Locked Loops 2    
I/O Pins 44    
Dedicated Clocks and/or Inputs 4    
Integrated Clock 20MHz    
Signal Terminations Series    
Allowable Input Voltage Levels 5V, 3.3V, 2.5V    
Output Drive Characteristics 3.3V with a max 24mA src/sink (Compatible with most 5V, 3.3V, and 2.5V systems)
Quartus II Project (VHDL)    
Quartus II Project (Schematic)