The basic answer is the more information you can provide the better. Typically, there are several rounds of questions and answers before a detailed quote can be provided but a few of the most common questions are:
  • What is the project?
  • How will it be used?
  • What quantity are you interested in?
  • What is the target price point per unit or total project?
  • What is the desired schedule for this project?
  • What are the size/weight requirements?
  • What are the environmental requirements?
  • What are the EMI requirements?
  • What are the shock and vibration requirements?
  • Are there RoHS requirements?
  • Are there UL safety requirements?
  • There are many parameters that must factored in for an accurate quote. However, a very simple project may only be several hundred dollars. A more complicated design such as a custom PCIe card might start at several thousand dollars.
    Yes, the question is how much effort will be required. For boards designed with discrete components there should not be any complications. However, boards with highly specialized ICs or embedded firmware can pose problems. In these cases either another working board is required that we can test or some documentation must be available. Typically, the less information available the more effort required.

    For any of our new Beaglebone Breakout Capes, please contact us directly as these are made to order.

    We are no longer selling any of our programmers or FPGA development boards in single quantities to new customers through our website so that we can focus more on our other projects. We will continue to support existing customers. If you're interested in purchasing 10 or more units of any of our products please contact us.

    We are constantly working to improve our design practices and capabilities in order to produce a high quality product in the shortest period of time. For work that we do contract out, we know who can best perform the work at the best price. Lastly, we make every effort to keep overhead costs as low as possible.