SMT to DIP breakout adapter boards with integrated 0805 pads

SMT to DIP Breakout Adapter Boards with Integrated 0805 Pads

Our custom SMT to DIP breakout boards are much more than a typical surface mount to DIP adapter board. Our boards include dual rows of through hole pins for additional connections and integrated 0805 pads on all pins to a local ground pad (can also be soldered pin-to-pin). This allows all circuit components to be soldered directly to the board, creating a reusable module that has significantly improved signal quality when compared to traditional breadboarded circuits. Our boards are found exclusively on Amazon.

Backside example of SMD to DIP breakout prototyping boards with integrated 0805 pads

Example (Backside) SMD to DIP Breakout Prototyping Boards

The backside of our SMD to DIP breakout prototyping module boards feature 0805 pads to a local ground pad on each pin of the device. Solder connections can also be made between the device pins using either 0603 or 0805 resistors/capacitors. The above circuit shows how we integrated all the passive components directly on-board for a 555 astable oscillator circuit. This circuit can then be moved and reused in other breadboarded circuits, making them the perfect solderable breadboard.

Custom TMC5160 Pan/Tilt Stepper Driver Board

Custom TMC5160 Pan/Tilt Stepper Driver Board

Our custom TMC5160 pan/tilt stepper driver board was designed to provide replace a stock driver board which had minimal capabilities and poor stepping performance. This new board allowed the customer to provide both faster and slower pan tilt operation, all while operating more quitely and with more stability. The software for this was written by our partners at Perlworks. A repository for the interface code can be found here.

Custom Nano Pi Hats

Custom Nano Pi Hats

Our custom Nano Pi hats integrate multiple RS485, R422 ,and RS232 ports in a single small form factor board. A secondary hat board can provide power to the main board from a 12V source. It also features multiple IO drivers for relay control and an optional 1-wire host bus for temperature monitoring.

Custom Beaglebone Breakout Cape

Beaglebone Breakout Cape

Our Beaglebone Breakout Cape provides users with 6 RS485 ports, 2 RS422 ports, 1 RS232 port, 4 3.3V GPIO pins, 8 12V relay/MOSFET gate drivers, 4 A/D inputs, a 1-wire bus, and even a GPS receiver.

Custom Beaglebone Mini Breakout Cape

Beaglebone Mini Breakout Cape

Our Beaglebone Mini Breakout Cape is a reduced capability version of our larger breakout board. It features 2 RS485 ports, 1 RS485/RS422 port, 1 RS232 port, a 1-wire bus, and 3 small relays.

Custom Beaglebone Power Cape

Beaglebone Power Cape

Our Beaglebone Power Cape provides power to both the Beaglebone and any additional capes in a way that eliminates the well known Ethernet port failure at startup. It also provides a way to connect to the console serial port which is normally inaccessible with capes stacked on the main Beaglebone. Additional features which can be provided with the current design are 2 A/D inputs and 3 12V output drivers. This unit has undergone significant testing across multiple versions of the Beaglebone to verify that the problem with the Ethernet port has been resolved.

E-Fuse Current Limiter Circuit

E-Fuse Current Limiter Board

Our E-Fuse current limiter board is an implementation of the Texas Instrument's TPS2660x industrial eFuse. These modules work great at limiting inrush current for DC motors and fans, eliminating the need to grossly oversize the power supply to meet the inrush requirements. We can quickly customize these modules to meet a range of input voltages and output current limits.

Please note, we are no longer selling any of our programmers or FPGA development boards in small quantities through our website to new customers. We will continue to support existing customers and honor any warranties. For purchasing any of our products in quantities of 10 units or more, please contact us. For datasheets or downloads related to our products please contact us directly.


FPGA Integrated Modules

The FPGA Integrated Modules (FIMs) provides everything needed in a DIP package to quickly utilize the most advanced FPGAs on the market.

X-Blaster Altera Programmer

X-Blaster Altera Programmer

Our X-Blaster download cable is the lowest cost solution available for programming Altera devices. It is a direct replacement for the Altera ByteBlaster-II under almost all programming situations. However, our units cost significantly less.