Welcome to Custom Circuit Solutions LLC

Custom Circuit Solutions LLC specializes in developing advanced custom electronic, fiber-optic, and refrigeration systems for all industries and individuals. We service a wide range of clients including various Military customers, large semiconductor companies, small commercial manufacturers, and individual hobbyists. Our past projects range from designing high-speed PCI-Express PC cards to high-speed Electric Vehicles and custom vapor compression refrigeration systems.

Custom Circuit Solutions, located in beautiful North Idaho, is owned and operated by a small core of experienced engineers and technicians that can respond quickly to your needs. Our in-house expertise is focused on hardware and software development. However, we work closely with our partners to provide state of the art electronic assembly services, full regulatory and safety compliance testing, and any mechanical/enclosure development that might be required. We are also EPA 608 certified, allowing us to design and repair refrigeration systems.

Custom Circuit Solutions provides a wide range of electronic design services. Some of the services we can provide include circuit design, PCB layout, firmware and software programming, custom PC card development, systems integration, reverse engineering of outdated systems, and repair of custom electronics. Check out a full listing of our electrical engineering services and several examples of past projects.

For any services that we provide, all electronic design files that are generated will be provided to our customers at no additional charges. For hardware design projects, the full schematics and Gerber files will be provided. For firmware or software projects the source code will be provided. Many other businesses will retain the rights to such information or charge significant fees to purchase them. From our experience, we believe that it is vital for our customers to have access to this information.

Custom Circuit Solutions excels at developing quality products at the lowest cost possible. By knowing how and where work can most efficiently be performed, we are able to provide finished products at a level well below other companies. All of our work is completed in-house or by various local ISO-9001 certified partners. The lower cost of living in the North Idaho region also allows us to complete large tasks at a fraction of the cost of firms in larger markets.