Rolled Ice Cream Machine Repair

Custom Circuit Solutions has become the foremost experts in the USA for repair and servicing of rolled ice cream machines. We became involved in this service when a local rolled ice cream shop had no one else to turn to when all of their machines broke down. We run another website www.rolledicecreammachines.com to support other business owners in the same situation. As a result of this work, we are now equipped with the knowledge and equipment to support other vapor-compression refrigeration systems.

Refrigeration System Design

Custom Circuit Solutions is the designer behind the high-reliability portable Thai fried ice cream roll machine known as the Arctic Griddle. Information about the unit can be found here: https://arcticgriddle.com

PC Card Development

Custom Circuit Solutions has developed many custom PC cards over the years for various industries. These include a variety of interfaces such as PCI, PCI-X, and PCIe. Applications include custom timing boards, data-acquisition systems, and co-processing units.

Industrial Controls

Custom Circuit Solutions specializes in development of all kinds of industrial controls. Our custom products are used by a wide range of customers in every industry imaginable. Whether our boards are operating in a challenging piece of agriculture machinery or running and monitoring production on a factory floor, our boards have shown unparalleled reliability.

Custom Single Board Computer Addon Boards (Capes, Hats, Shields, ... )

Custom Circuit Solutions can quickly build custom capes, hats, and shields for all of your single board computer projects. Whether you are using a Raspberry PI, Beaglebone, Arduino, or other device, we can provide custom solutions, often within a few days.

Fiber-Optic Networks and Sensors

The chief engineer of Custom Circuit Solutions obtained a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering, specializing in fiber-optic sensors. He is an expert in fiber-optic interferometric and Bragg grating sensors. Custom Circuit Solutions also has experience in designing high-channel-count high-speed Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) data networks, including components such as EDFA and Raman optical amplifiers.

Custom Electric Vehicle Design

Custom Circuit Solutions has been working with electric vehicle technology long before commercial EVs were available. We've developed high power DC motor controllers, custom interface controls, and advanced LiFePo battery monitoring systems. With commercial EVs now available, we are now working on custom mods for production EVs.