Electronic Design Services

Reverse Engineering

Custom Circuit Solutions specializes in reverse engineering your existing and outdated electronic solutions. We can modernize and provide you ongoing support when your previous supply chain is no longer available. These reverse engineering services include both system and circuit board level.

System Design and Integration

We can design and build your complex electronic systems from the ground up. We can either serve as a systems integrator of available parts or we can develop custom parts needed to meet your unique system requirements.

PCB Design

We can quickly design custom PCB solutions for your most challenging projects. Whether two layers or twenty, and either rigid, flex, or metal clad, Custom Circuit Solutions has the experience to design your unique PCB.

Circuit Design

Whether you need ultra-low-noise precision analog or high-speed low-voltage digital design, we can do it all. We have experience designing everything from 24-bit precision data acquisition systems to 10 Gb Ethernet interfaces and multi-killowatt alternative energy power converters. If you have a challenging circuit design project we can help.

FPGA/Microcontroller Programming

Most new electronic systems are primarily digital in nature. We have the critical experience to work with either programmable logic devices (FPGAs/CPLDs) or microcontrollers, and to know which type of device is most suitable to a project.

Software Development

An electronic system is only as good as the software which controls it. We've designed software for everything from small phone apps to large distributed real-time systems. Our preferred languages are C, C++, MATLAB, and Perl. However, we can quickly adapt to any new software requirements.


While we are not your traditional large-scale assembly shop, we do have the tools and knowledge to build almost any electronic assembly in small quantities. We have customers which send us their small batch assembly jobs because our prices are lower than traditional assembly shops. If you need assistance assembling larger quantities we can work with one of our industry partners.

Fiber-Optic Network and Sensor Design

Custom Circuit Solutions' Dr. Mellick is an expert in the field of fiber-optic sensors. He holds several patents in the area of fiber-optic interferometry. We can also help you design any aspect of your high-speed fiber-optic data network. We have experience in high-channel-count DWDM networks which include features such as EDFA or Raman optical amplifiers.

Refrigeration System Repair and Design

In our efforts to help a customer with their failed rolled ice cream machines, we have gained the tools and the knowledge to repair and design vapor compression refrigeration systems. Whether you need a custom cold plate for making ice cream or you need a custom cooling unit for a high-power cryptomining rig, we can provide a solution.